Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monthly Grocery Store Trip

I do not like to go to the grocery store.
Especially with my TinyTwo helpers.
So, what is a lazy girl to do?
I made a rotation of lazy meals, then, one month, wrote down everyday what we had to eat, (or at least completed the spreadsheet every couple days when I remembered to fill it out and tried to think back to what we had for lunch and dinner on Tuesday).  Then I figured out what we needed to make each of those meals.
This doesn't sound lazy?
Well, it was between that and actually doing something.  Like cleaning or folding laundry.  I prefer to play at my computer making lists to make my life simpler.
Anyway, I now  have a "Master sheet" of a month's worth of groceries.  We don't always eat exactly these things, and I will add other random things that I like to keep on hand for dishes that aren't in my "lazy rotation", but I have a base.  I, armed with this list (that I cross reference with what I actually have on hand) shop once a month (on-line at Harris Teeter of course).  After 2 weeks I will send Sweetheart to the store after work to pick-up milk, bread, and produce.  This has SERIOUSLY cut down on our grocery expenses, as I am not actually IN the grocery store to spend money, I am more likely to find something to make that is here if I am not "allowed" to "just run in to pick up a few things for dinner tonight", and, of course, its much lazier.     

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