Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project 333

Rachel at TheMinimalistMom brought up Project 333 and I was wondering how many pieces of clothes I actually wear.  (PJ's, under clothes and workout wear don't count, shoes do.)
Hmmmmm....... So let's see what's in my closet/shoe shelf:

  1. Shoes:  Black ballet flats
  2. Black SAS shoes
  3. Adidas tennis shoes
  4. Pants:  grey-light
  5. grey-dark
  6. grey-striped
  7. black-striped
  8. black- striped
  9. jeans
  10. black yoga
  11. grey sweats
  12. black skirt
  13. Fleece:  black
  14. pink
  15. Long sleeve T-Shirts: pink v-neck
  16. dark green
  17. coral
  18. purple
  19. maroon
  20. red
  21. pink
  22. pink
  23. white
  24. white
  25. white tank
  26. white short sleeve t
  27. Sweaters:  pink
  28. blue
  29. black cardigan
  30. red cardigan
  31. green
  32. Coats: black pea-coat
  33. purple/pink winter coat

This is certainly not all the clothes I own, but honestly, this is basically what I wear, and if I were to do this project this is what I would "choose", since there's not a whole lot left that isn't totally out of season, things I only wear on special occasion, or items that don't fall into the "don't need to count" category.  That was a very long sentence.  So why did I list my clothes for you?  To take stock for myself how much I have, how much I wear, what I have that I didn't count, and to assess what I have that I don't need.  Have you ever taken a really hard look at what you have?

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