Monday, February 28, 2011

Swapping Dinners

I just joined a meal swap.  What a genius idea that I am so excited about.  We'll meet once a month and each bring 5 of the same meal to trade with the others (there's 6 in the group).  Obviously these will be frozen until ready to serve.  Also, we'd like to not eat only lasagna.  What's your favorite freezable meal?  I found a few good websites but would like other ideas from you :)  Have you ever done one of these?  Any tips/tricks/things to watch out for? Was it as awesome as I'm expecting ;)
PS- Only rules are no peanuts or pork.  And it can't be too difficult to make (but you should have assumed that last part ;)


  1. Several of us tried it and it flopped. I won't name names b/c you know them all... our downfall was we picked people we liked, not necessarily people with the same size family (ranged from 1 kid to 5) or that lived near each other (pain to get food distributed). You, however, are infinitely smarter than we, so I'm sure you entered this with the most appropriate caution & expectations. Happy Eating!!

  2. thanks for your thoughts :) fortunately we all have about the same size families and are meeting once a week to swap the dinners and chat. hopefully it will work out for everyone :)