Friday, February 25, 2011

Pop Pop Pop

I LOVE popcorn.  Love.  It.  I have been making the lazy AND cheap (hooray!) homemade version of it (click here for how) and spraying on it Pam Butter Spray and adding salt.  According to, 3 cups of plain popped popcorn is 92 calories, 19 carbs 1g fat  3g protein.  Heaven.  Obviously not for the low-carbin' girls, but for me, when I need SOMETHING to chew on, this is much much much better than most alternatives.  Love.  It.  Tell me if you try it.  And, seriously, the staples don't explode in you microwave.


  1. So I tried this when you originally posted it... was honestly a little underwhelmed. Over half of my kernels didn't pop, even when I left it in for more time- the popped ones kept burning. Though the staples didn't explode, I was using a WHITE bag instead of a BROWN bag... stupid ?- should that matter??

  2. oh no! I do sometimes get kernels left over, but I usually bought the cheap microwave popcorn that has lots of kernels left over, so maybe I'm used to it. I swear, though, that when I bought a bag of corn from Food Lion I got way more popped than when I bought it from the bin at Whole Foods, so I wonder if the kernels could be dried out? I dunno, and I wouldn't think the bag would matter, that would be weird wouldn't it? Overall, I guess I'd rather have some kernels not pop but the ones that do pop don't have any weird chemicals on them.
    Hope your table cloths are working out for you :)