Wednesday, February 2, 2011

15 things I don't pay for

I find having to remember to buy certain things a bother.  Yes, I'm that lazy.  Also, I'm pretty cheap (I know, those are 2 ongoing themes here) and I prefer to buy something once instead of over and over and over.
So, here are some things that I don't buy (at least not very often)

  1. Paper napkins:  I bought a bunch of cloth ones.  Plus, I use the ton of kitchen dishrags for the kids faces and hands.
  2. Paper towels:  I use the ton of kitchen dishrags I have to clean up spills.  The tablecloth also catches a lot of spills.  The dishrags get tossed into the laundry with whatever I'm washing that day so I don't have yucky wet dishrags hanging around.
  3. Dryer sheets:  I have 2 of those funny ball-like things that stay in the dryer.  I haven't noticed a difference in static
  4. Water:  We bring our own everywhere
  5. Coffee:  I hate to wait and wait at a drive though to pick up coffee that I can make better at home for almost free and doesn't take but 2 minutes to make.  I tend to take a cup of coffee with me almost every time I walk out the door in the morning.  I *heart* my Keurig. A lot.  Did I do that *heart* thing right?  I've never done it before and kind of think its annoying, but for the Keurig, I'll make an exception ;)
  6. I love my Diva Cup.  Love.  It.  (Girls- check it out.  Seriously. You.  Check it out.  Boys- don't...or at least don't say I didn't warn you)
  7. Storage:  We keep everything we have in the space we have.  I've gotten rid of a TON lately.
  8. Car payment:  We've paid for each car we've gotten since we got married with cash
  9. Interest on credit cards:  We pay it off.  Every month.
  10. Cable:  We don't have a TV so I watch hulu instead.
  11. Movies:  OK, so I pay $1 at Blockbuster Express (like Redbox) We never go out to movies.  We're not against it, we'd just rather watch a movie at home.
  12. Pre-school:  We'll be paying next year for a private Spanish emersion Pre-K program.  Otherwise, we've kept the TinyTwo at home.  I like to teach them colors and numbers and how to read myself.  It makes me feel smart ;)
  13. Books:  Except for text books.  Otherwise we use the library.  I read too fast to make the expense worth while.
  14. I'm testing out making my own laundry and dishwasher detergent.  I'll let you know how that goes.
  15. Diapers:  Hopefully. The Princess is potty training as we speak, though back in the day when I had two in diapers I used cloth BumGenius 
What do you not buy/pay for that lots of other people do?  I'm always looking for ways to cut back...monetarily and work wise - so please share :)


  1. I try not to pay for haircuts. I cut my kids hair, and wait until my hair is long enough to get a free cut for locks of love.

  2. ahhhh... good one. we don't either. Sweatheart cuts his and the LIttle Man's hair, and I cut The Princess's hair.... I wait for my mom to pay for my hair cuts ;)