Friday, December 9, 2011

Socks are So Pinteresting

Lately I have been on Pinterest... which I seriously L.O.V.E.  Seriously.

This idea, though, is one of my favorites and something I actually do.  And Love.  Seriously.  As I've told you, Laundry is one of my nemiseseses.  
Especially little socks.  
I think tiny socks are SO SO SO cute.....until they're in the laundry and I'm trying to match them up and figure out which tiny white or pink sock is exactly the same as some other tiny white or pink sock.
Enter, The sock bag.  
This is a life change folks.  

Here's the scoop:
Buy 2 big bags of socks (we have 20 pair total of the same sock) that will fit both kids.  Put the socks into one of those little containers for plastic grocery store bags.  Hang near the shoes.  Don't fold/match/deal with baby/kid socks ever again.  The end.

Now, I understand this is easier for me, given my kids have feet relatively the same size (one is a 9 and the other wears size 11's) but you could totally do it with different sized kids.  Just buy everyone a bunch of the same sock with different colored toes, or mark each kid's with a different color sharpie.
I am totally cheap cheap cheap, but this was so worth the little investment in buying new socks and getting rid of the old ones.
We do have some other socks-- some occasions call for the Princess to have pink socks or other random cutie ones, and TinyTwo#1 occasionally needs black or navy blue socks, but those occasions are rare.
The kids can get their own socks every morning -- which I love-- and they put the clean ones away by themselves :)
You're welcome ;)

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