Monday, May 23, 2011

You know you're lazy when......

You know you're lazy when....
you are in bed and you hear your kids getting something out for breakfast and you stay in bed.
This, my friends, is the dumb kind of lazy.
Why you might ask?  Ok, I'm sure you didn't really ask why this is a bad idea, because I'm certain you know what my sleepy, dazed, stupor self did not.  It caused more work for me.  5 minutes in bed= 20 minutes cleaning.  Cleaning what?  Well, when I finally got up, I discovered mashed bananas all over their seats and tables along with peanut butter smeared everywhere and the mostly empty peanut butter jar that had been obviously had little hands and mashed bananas used to scrape the peanut butter out.  There were also random places in the house where said tiny hands had obviously been after mashing and scraping the peanut butter then playing with toys.
Score 1 for the TinyTwo.  Score 0 for being smart AND lazy.

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