Monday, May 30, 2011

Epic Fail Revisited

I've changed my mind.  Again.  I do that.  A lot.
I posted here about an idea who's premise is not doing laundry for 2 weeks to discover what you really wear, then getting rid of everything else.
I posted here about how I totally failed at that.  That really surprised me.  You'd think my lazy tendencies would come in handy but, as irony would have it, I hate to have dirty laundry hanging around.  Especially the kind that the TinyTwo make.  The bathroom accident drenched/ always wet so they quickly smell like mildew/ covered in honey or peanut butter or some kind of sauce/ caked with mud kind of dirty clothes.
I can, however, not fold clothes for 2 weeks.
That, my friends, I'm awesome at.
I was just realizing this as I was digging through the hampers to find something for the kids to wear.  These were the clean hampers by the way- just in case you were wondering.
Anyway, I was thinking I should take the same premise-- easily deciding what clothes you wear the most by collecting those you wear in a two week time period-- and instead of not washing them, just keeping them separate.  I'd most likely not fold them while I'm at it- but you could fold them and just leave them in the hampers.  I have several pop-up hampers that I use to organize my piles of dirty and clean yet unfolded or put away clothes.  The one caveat is that, to start, all clothes would have to be clean and put away- or at least put in a different section than the other clothes.
Hmm.  Not folding clothes for 2 weeks.  This project I'm confident I will be successful with ;)

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