Monday, June 6, 2011

Nemesis #2: Dishes

I didn't get any comments about whether its nemesises or nemesisi or nemesi that I talked about here.  Maybe I could look it up.  Or not.

Anyway- I hate dishes.  I actually hate dishes more than laundry.  Which is a lot.  Dishes are so much more constant and I can not WAIT until the TinyTwo can clean them for me without breaking all of them along the way.  I'd love it if they could put all the dishes away too.

One day.
Well, today isn't that day, so I obviously have a lazy plan to bide my time until I can make  train  bribe get someone smaller  younger  under my power else to do it.

First, I don't use serving dishes.  Ever.  Even when I have company.  I decided its more like a restaurant where they "plate" the food.  Or it could be that its lazier to just put it straight from the pan onto the plate.  Either way its the same result.  I'm sorry Mom.  I know I just embarassed you with this public confession.  Mom always puts the food in serving dishes.  Even when its just people she's biologically related too.  Then again, she does have other people to help with the dishes now.  Maybe that's why.  Maybe I'll start to use serving dishes when I can make  train  bribe get someone smaller  younger  under my power else to clean them.  Ask me in a few years.  Maybe I'll become more like Martha Stewart too.  Or not. 

So- bringing the topic back- my new trick, to add to the first, is to immediately put any extra food into a covered dish and throw the cooking pan into the sink to soak.  If someone wants seconds, they can get it out of this dish and I will tell myself that I don't care that the food is now in a container that is larger than necessary.  I certainly will not dirty a new, smaller container, even though an incorrect food to "container size" ratio irks me.  I'm weird that way.  It certainly does not irk me enough to do anything about it though.

This quick pre-dinner step makes the after dinner clean-up very easy, as it includes only the plates we ate on and a quick swipe of the cooking pots.  Since they've been soaking, they're super easy to clean without any scrubbing.  I hate scrubbing.  The remaining left-overs then just have to be covered and thrown in the fridge.   Is the term "remaining left-overs" a bit redundant?  Oh well.  I'm guessing you got the point.

Anyone have any lazy tricks to help with dishes?  I would LOVE to hear them, since dishes are my all time worst of the nemesisi.

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