Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dining Alfresco

I've posted before (here) about a super lazy dinner that I put into action last night.  Its amazingly easy for me to be impressed with myself- and on this occasion I decided I'd share with you.
Sweatheart was not going to be home for dinner, and the kids and I were headed to the pool.  I, of course, was not in the mood to cook or clean being that it was- well- a day that the kids needed to be fed and cleaned-up after.  Instead, I mixed some re-fried beans, some salsa and some shredded cheese, microwaved it for a few minutes, picked up a bag of tortilla chips, and walked out the door.  The kids and I dined alfresco by the pool, which led to no whining about eating  (I let them come and go from the table to eat and swim and back again) and no clean-up.  Genius.  I know.  I can almost hear your applause from here.

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  1. Sounds perfect (my sweetheart won't be home for dinner tonight and I was just trying to figure out what to feed "us") If only I had refried beans and salsa in the pantry :) May have to run to the store!