Thursday, June 9, 2011

Meal Swap Revisited

So, a while ago I wrote "this" post about a meal swap I was about to join.  Can I just say, "WOW".  This has been successful x 100.

Partly because my friends are the awesomest coolest cooks.  Ever.

Partly because my awesome cooking friends cook things that aren't in my usual repertoire, so on the "meal swap dinner" nights we're not eating the same old thing.  Again.

Partly because I didn't make the dinners (obviously) so its like getting take-out 6 times a month.

Partly because I can "Work to be Lazy" by cooking 6 meals all at one time then just pulling something from the freezer 6 other nights.  

Partly because its cheaper to cook 6 meals of the same thing.  So I can be "Lazy AND Cheap", which you know I love.

Partly because I can think about dinners once and not have to think about it for 6 dinner times that month.

Partly because I can cook the batch meals after the TinyTwo have gone to bed and kind of enjoy creating a meal without anyone screaming at me... having to take someone to the potty... having to referree... having to have little people "help"... having to stop what I'm doing to get someone's toys out from under the couch......

Last but certainly not least...

Partly because we have an excuse every month to get together to actually swap the dinners and so we stay and talk and drink coffee and eat whatever yummy thing my friend "who has 2 small children, is pregnant with her 3rd, which will make 3 under 3, and yet gets much more accomplished in any given morning than I do in a week" has made us.

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