Thursday, September 22, 2011

Are you chicken?

My mom's favorite "real" dinner to make with her roommate in college was the following.  Its super easy and does not require you to remember to defrost the chicken first, and it comes out super tender and juicy because the acid in the tomatoes breaks down the meat.  (You might not care about that last part- its the science geek/ "Alton Brown wanna be" side of me.

Boneless skinless chicken breasts (can still be frozen)
Italian diced tomatoes (or regular)
packet of french onion soup mix

In the baking dish (spray it with pam or cover the bottom in aluminum foil first) throw in the chicken, top it with the tomatoes and sprinkle on the soup mix  and cook at 400 for an hour.  Serve with rice you lazily cook using this recipe right after the chicken goes in, and you have a super quick prep dinner.

I'll call this 5 minutes and 5 ingredients because it only takes 5 minutes of prep.

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