Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just Get it Gone

My new favorite form of straightening and cleaning the house is to de-clutter it.  I figure, I can touch this item one time, right now, put it in the "Donate" box, and never have to clean it/pick it up/organize it again.  That, my friends, is the lazy way to clean ;)

My mom said today, "Do you have anything else to de-clutter?"  The problem is I keep buying things, or we don't need things anymore, or the more I de-clutter, the less I realize I need.

And then there's the TinyTwo.  Clothes, toys, and even dishes have a cycle related to what time in their lives the kids are in.  For example, I just emptied out the "Kids Drawer" in the kitchen, which was full of plastic cups and plates and sippees and bowls and tops to sippees and inserts to sippees and on and on.

We've switched them mostly to glass, so today I took the plunge and emptied out some of the last remnants of babyhood.  :,(

This very sad occasion did, however, free up a bunch of space, in which I placed the tops to the Pyrex and the tops to the sauce pans.
A drawer just for tops!
So exciting!  (sigh.  my life.)

This left the other cabinets to be more "spacious", and, so, easier to clean and keep organized.

Easier- is the key word here.
and lazier is always the goal here people.

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