Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things I've been meaning to do...

Stacey at "I'm a Lazy Mom" has started a monthly post of things she's been meaning to do.  Here's my current list:
~Cookbooks on the china cabinet that have been there for 2 weeks
~5 un-folded loads of laundry
~refinishing the couch and love seat, a project I started 6 months ago
~Random things still out from the trip we got back from a week and a half ago

My list is awfully short right now...usually its a mile long.   I'm sure I'm overlooking things at the moment. 
I'll try to think harder next month ;)

Now we'll see if I can link it correctly.  If I can, I'll add pictures next month.

Click here for her post.

I'm excited I figured out how to add the button. It takes so little for me to be impressed with myself ;)

I'm not only Lazy, I'm also always Late and a Procrastinator.  Maybe next month I won't be 3 days late either ;)

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  1. You go girl! Thanks for linking up!!

    The Lazy Mom wuz here.