Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mug Omelet

Breakfast:  low fat, low cal, high protein, no clean-up.  Excellent.
The Hungry-Girl makes a great breakfast, which I now make all the time.....
an omelet in a mug.
(link here)
~Spray a mug with Pam, add 1/2 cup Egg Beaters
~Microwave for 1 minute
~Top with salsa

No "cooking", no pan to clean.  Awesome.  I know it doesn't sound that appetizing, but after you mix it up with the salsa, it really isn't that different from regular scrambled eggs.  Really.

My main problem is the TinyTwo LOVE it, and try to make me share my breakfast.  Its hard to teach them to share when I keep saying,
"No, this is mine.  MINE MINE MINE."

This is the cost analysis I emailed to my mom:
my cost analysis:


Egg Beaters-15 servings=$4.39

I generally do 2 eggs of the egg beaters (1/2 c).  This equals out, per day, to:
eggs: $.37/per day
Egg Beaters: $.59/day

.59-.37=$.22/day  So that's $.22 more a day to use the Egg Beaters.
$.22 x 7 days = $1.54

So, I'm paying $1.54 more a week for me to have a very low cal, high protein and (here's, obviously, the kicker) low work breakfast, since in a mug there's nothing to clean up and no raw egg to deal with.

Seems like a good investment to me ;)

Also, with 15 servings, that obviously works out to be about a week's supply, so that's $4.39/week.

And this is the email I sent to my mom about the egg omlete, regarding their cruise/RV trip to Alaska this summer:
ooo! oooo! 
So, I was just thinking about how much I HATE raw eggs, and then thought if you picked up a few containers of egg beaters and a little jar of salsa you could have your breakfast and dad's breakfasts-- and if you do it in a mug (spray it first or it doesn't like to come off) and you'd have NO CLEAN UP :)  (except for the 2 mugs to rinse out and throw in the washer)  No dirty pan to clean, no cooking smells, and no raw eggshells to have in the RV.  I'm brilliant.  I know.  I get it from my Mom ;)  Maybe buy pre-cooked sausage and you'd be "breakfast cooking free"

And last, but not least, here is the email about the nutritional info regarding the egg omelet:

the egg beaters are 30 calories and no fat 6 g protein and 1 carb, and as i said, i usually have 2 servings to make 1/2c.

salsa for 2 Tbs is 10 calories no fat 2 carbs and 1 protein. 

2 "eggs" + 2 T salsa = 70 cal, 13g protein, no fat, and 4 carbs

If you've read this far... wow.
And yes, I know I email too much.
And yes, I know I must have too much time on my hands ;)

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