Sunday, April 3, 2011


My parents and in-laws are taking a 2 week vacation together this summer.  Yes, on purpose.  Yes, they are friends.  No, its not wierd.  Yes, I'm lucky.
Anyway, for a week of the trip (before their cruise in Southern Alaska, the lucky bums) they are RV'ing up to Fairbanks and back down to Anchorage.  That's cool.  A great way to save money on food and lodging and a car rental.  Not so easy to make dinner, though, with limited space, time, and ingredients.  LazyMom to the rescue.  Me.  Not my mom.  In case that was confusing.  Anyway, Mom said "I'll have to check your blog for some of your "5 ingredients, 5 minutes".  Problem is, none of them are big on not having meat for dinner.  Especially the dads.  So I came up with another set of ideas and thought I'd share my genius with you.  Apparently I've learned to be lazy, not humble ;)

Rotisserri Chicken
~Chicken noodle casserole  
~Yellow rice with chicken and peas

Frozen meatballs
~Meatball subs and fruit:  frozen meatballs with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Italian bread
~Spaghetti with meatballs and green beans

Cooked Frozen shrimp
~Stir-fry:  Minute rice, shrimp and frozen mixed vegetables and stir fry sauce

~Mexican mix:  Re-fried beans, salsa and shredded cheese- melted and served with chips or tortillas
~Soup:  can beans + can vegetables+can broth +any other leftovers you have to finish out the week

My other thought with this was that everything is non-perishable except for the cheese, bread, and meat, so you could do all your  major shopping one day and not have to worry about anything spoiling, but not having to buy much after that first stock up trip.  It also doesn't require any seasonings or small amounts of sauces (the stir fry sauce you often use the entire jar, or at least most of it) (the soup, if you buy Italian tomatoes, then there's already seasonings in it).

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