Monday, July 18, 2011

Favorite Fajitas

First, and most importantly, Happy Birthday to Me.  Just because, I'm sure, you were desperate to know when to wish me happy birthday.  Well, today is the day.  25 doesn't seem to be a whole lot different from 24 though ;)

In other news, for my "Meal Swap" this month I made fajitas.  I often think of fajitas as "summer food" because I picture the meat being grilled outside I guess.  I, however, do not have a grill, which generally means I do such things over the stovetop.  Yesterday, though, I decided to cheat a little because it is so bloomin' hot outside and I was not interested in having my stovetop on long enough to cook 5 lb of chicken.  "Well," I thought to myself,  "the best way to not heat up everything is to use the crockpot"  Than, I'm sure, I thought, "I am so smart", being that I'm so easily impressed with myself.

I poured all of the chicken breast and layered it with a Mojito Lime seasoning packet just to give it a kick and try to at least come close to what my friends are making.  Seriously, this month one of the meals is Chicken Tikka.  I don't even know what that is.  Anyway, after throwing in the chicken,  I cooked the chopped onion and pepper on the stove top with the Fajita seasoning packet mixed in, then sliced the chicken and mixed everything together.

All of a sudden it occurred to me that everything could be done in the crockpot if done on a smaller scale.  I couldn't get in much more than the 5 lb of chicken, but if I was cooking for just my family, and not 4 others as well, I would totally do it in the crockpot.  I would also, most likely, use that little frozen packet of peppers and onions that I found instead of chopping everything up.

Then, it occurred to me (are you following my train of thought?  it gets derailed sometimes....)  that this recipe is too amazing to not have already been discovered, and I found it, of course, at  Click here for crockpot365's recipe with steak fajitas in the crockpot)

So, I thought I came up with an amazing idea, but, its OK that someone already thought of it, since the crockpot girl is quite amazing herself.   So, to sum up, in case you're a little ADD like me and that post was a little long to follow:

Add to crockpot:
~1 pound boneless skinless chicken
~packet of fajita seasoning
~bag of frozen pepper and onion mix
Cook on low for 8 hours, high for 4 hours.
Serve over tortillas and any side, like sour cream, salsa, cheese, or guacamole

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