Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lazy Cake Take 2

Today is my birthday, though I'll be posting this later because I already had something posted for today and I don't want to overwhelm you with my laziness ;)
As a mom, and a wife to a husband who works...  A lot...  I have discovered that its best to make my own deliciousness and awesomeness on my birthday rather than wish someone else would for me.  I guess this could be true for any adult, it just seems especially true being the above.  Which means, generally making my own birthday cake.  Which is fine, except that I don't bake.  I, as a rule, try to stay away from packages and mixes.... except for baking.  I do not bake.  Did I say that already?  If Rachel Ray doesn't, I see no reason why I should either.  I'm terrible at it for the same reason I didn't like Chemistry labs.  I don't pay attention and I'm the opposite of precise.  I had to do more than one chem lab over again in college because of this lack of attention to detail.  Its the same way in the bio lab though, and somehow I majored in that (though only by the grace of God, I'm telling you)
The point being, I don't bake.
But I do like to eat.
I shared with you here about how you can bake cakes with only 2 ingredients (cake mix + soda/ pureed pumpkin/applesauce/ egg beaters/ yogurt.
Recently I learned from my awesome "Other Mother" that there's another one.
Are you ready?
Are you excited?
Its awesome.
I hope you're sitting down.
I'm sure you are since you're at your computer.....
Anyway, I'll give you two words:
You mix angel food cake mix and a can of pie filling.  I chose blueberry, in case you were dying to know.  2 ingredients only.  No eggs.  No milk.
Dump it into a 9x13 cake pan.  Do not spray it first.  Bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes.  It will rise beautifully, then fall and won't be so pretty.  That's OK, as I flipped mine over and "frosted" it with whipped cream.

2 ingredients = Lazy
Delicious = Awesome
Lazy + Delicious = Awesomely Delicious Awesomeness.

And Happy Birthday to Me.

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