Friday, December 17, 2010


I love the blog article by miss minimalist about choosing a base color for your wardrobe.  Brilliant.  Simply brilliant.  The premise is that you pick a color.  I chose black/grey (as did she).  All my pants/skirts are black or grey, except for jeans.  All my tops, then, match almost all my bottoms.  Easy.  Simple.  The lazy way to dress.  This means all my shoes are black now.  Gasp.  I know all of my shoe horse friends might be appalled at such a thought, but for me, who is less than style savvy, this is wonderful.  Only one purse is necessary, because its black, and matches everything.  One coat, that is black.  Or it could be red with black accents.  Or whatever.  The point is, everything matches everything.  We'll see how I like this concept in the summer, so for now I have put all of my brown/blue/not matching black/grey clothes & shoes in a tote and put them away.  Its been several weeks and I can't say I miss them at all.  If anything, I am constantly delighted by the space in my closet and shoe rack.  It actually doesn't feel like I have fewer clothes, since the number of tops I removed from the closet were very few, as almost all of them match black or grey.  Its just easier to get dressed.  Easier, of course, is better :)

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