Friday, December 17, 2010

How to not clean your bathroom

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I love Flylady.  Have you checked her out?  You should.  I want to be like her.  She has some amazing amazing ideas.  Too many actually, for this lazy girl to even seriously contemplate "flying" her way.  I have taken, however, what I consider the laziest of her tips.  The swish and swipe for example, is one that I do everyday whenever I think about it.  I put shampoo into the little holder the toilet wand goes in ("soap is soap" flylady says) and I clean the toilet without having to get out cleaner.  "You're so lazy you don't even want to get out cleaner?" you say.  Yes.  For some reason having to only think of it then do it makes it much more likely to be done, (did that phrase make sense to anyone else?)  without any in-between steps, like getting out the cleaner hidden from the tiny ones.
The swipe part is windex wipes (except the frugal side of me doesn't buy the real ones- I buy the knock-off ones from the dollar store, but if you'd like to just sit there and be lazy and order them off amazon- totally knock yourself out) and wipe down the mirror, faucet, counter, sink, then the toilet, then into the trash.  It might take more than 1 wipee.  The sink and toilet, then, stay clean, without hardly any effort on my part.  "What about the shower?" you ask?  Well, continuing Flylady's "soap is soap" concept, I follow her advice to wipe down the shower with shampoo and a washcloth, then rinse it off- while I'm in the shower.   one minute=clean shower=happy.  Seriously, I'm lazy, but I don't want to live like I'm lazy.  I want to have a clean, orderly, peaceful house as much as anybody, I just don't want to work very hard to have one :)

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