Friday, December 31, 2010

Pot Pie-- the Lazy version

Felt like pot pie yesterday.  Obviously I wasn't going to make it from scratch.  Didn't have any in the house- obviously wasn't going ALL the way to the store to get some (its, seriously, 500 yards away).
What to do.

Biscuits (from the can- bake per instructions)
Jar of Gravy
Can of mixed vegetables
Turkey (leftovers that were frozen for just such an occassion)

Mix the gravy vegetables and turkey.  Top the biscuits.  Done.

LESS THAN 5 ingredients
5 minutes

To be less lazy, you can make gravy with a flour/butter roux and boullion dissolved in water or broth
or use frozed mixed vegetables and steam them/microwave them
or make biscuits.  I'll blog about the biscuits next.  They're super easy.  Obviously, or I wouldn't do it.

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