Monday, January 3, 2011

Grocery Shopping... the lazy way

I drove 40 minutes, round trip, out of my way today, when there is a grocery store literally 500 yards from my front door.  This doesn't sound lazy!  Do not fear, it certainly was.
Harris Teeter here has online shopping.  You do your shopping online, you ask?  Yes!  Its amazing!  You go online while the children are sleeping and you have time and quiet enough to think.  You can run into your pantry when you say to yourself, "Wait, do I have 1 can of tomatoes or 5?"  "Wait!  I forgot to check if we're low on peanut butter!"  I can see your wheels turning.  I know.  I'm in love with the concept, obviously.  "Such a luxury must cost an arm and a leg!" One would think, but its about $5.  If you do that every other week, for a year, that would be $130.  To never go in a grocery store- for a YEAR?  I'm pretty cheap, but that is well worth it if you ask me.  I am SURE that I SAVE more than that by not stepping into the store.  I am, I confess, a bit of an impulse shopper.  Its a lot easier to not pick-up that extra bag of whatever when you have to purposefully type it in. To add to that, dragging the Tiny Two into the store is always a pain.  The website is great to work with, because it saves in your account everything you've purchased.  I tend to buy that same things over and over, so I don't have to type in "2% milk" or "wheat bread" every time.  Searching for new things is super easy anyway, but this "saving" element makes it extraordinary.  Oh!  I almost forgot!  My other favorite thing is that it sorts your search by price, unit price, or brand name.  For example- I want the cheapest parmesan cheese, by unit price.  BINGO.  Add to cart.  Done.  I don't have to stand in the aisle and calculate and look at every option.  Frozen pizza- I only want Digiorno (for example).  Done.  No hunting in the frozen isle.
So- for $5 I can do everything at home, being able to go to my kitchen to check things, not have to take the kids in (they bring your groceries to your car and load them for you!) not have to resist impulse buying, and not have to do any calculations in my head.  I'm in love.

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