Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lazy Laundry Tip

I do not iron.  Ever.  I do, however, do laundry everyday most days.  Well, I guess that's how you define "do laundry".  I wash laundry everyday, certainly.  I hate having dirty clothes laying around, and it seems everyday someone in my house has some sort of accident that requires immediate washing of their clothes.  Or I wash the towels.  Or the sheets.  Or something.  Its a habit I've developed of starting a load of laundry with my first cup of coffee.  Weird I know but it works for me.  I set the timer or else it will sit.  Forgotten.  For days.  Until I finally find it.  And its yucky.  And I have to wash it again.  So I set my timer.  Then I set the timer again for the dryer so I can take stuff out before it gets all wrinkly.  Wow (I'm sure you're saying) you wash, dry, and fold a load of laundry everyday?  That doesn't seem lazy.  Its not.  And I don't.  Instead I go to the dryer and, as I'm unloading the clean clothes into a basket, I fish out the clothes I don't want wrinkled (mostly mine since the kids don't, generally, wear clothes that can wrinkle, and Sweetheart wears pajamas scrubs to work)  These "don't want to be wrinkled" clothes are immediately hung-up on hangers stored next to the dryer for this purpose.  This is because I do not iron.  Ever.  Seriously.  I have an iron and a baby ironing board from college that is stored in my linen closet and doesn't come out. Ever.  Instead I hang my clothes up right away and fold everything else later when I remember when I'm watching TV when I'm watching TV and I remember that there are clothes to be folded.

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