Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lunch on the run

Often, the Tiny Two and I are out and about until lunchtime or later.  Sometimes I like to feed them in the car.  Sweetheart doesn't like this.  That's too bad.  Its much easier for me to have them eat in the car and go straight to nap vs. come home, make lunch, have them eat lunch/play/eat lunch/play/finally finish lunch, then get to their naps.  Then their naps are late.  Then they don't sleep enough.  Then they're cranky.  I don't like cranky.  I, then, choose to feed them in the car.

Sweetheart just thinks I should go home earlier.  Sweetheart doesn't spend all day everyday with toddlers and isn't very lacking in adult communication.  I will, then, keep talking until the very last minute (or an hour after the last minute...) and feed the kids in the car if necessary.  They get their naps, I get my friends.  Its a win/win.  Except for the car.  I don't really car about the car.

Anyway, back to lunches....

I've tried lots of different options for easy to make, easy to take, easy to eat, not too messy options for lunch.  My favorite, by far, of all of my lunch options, is the "quesadilla": a tortilla, covered in shredded cheese, microwaved for 30 seconds, and then rolled or folded in half, depending on the child.  Usually I'll throw in a bag of cherrios, pretzels, goldfish, or sliced apple.  I usually don't give those to the Tiny Two in the car.  Sometimes I do, but they're awfully messy.

The quesadilla is much much cleaner than crumbly sandwiches, or the above mentioned items like cheerios (which somehow multiply and make little cheerio babies under the car seats I think) or goldfish (which crumble into that orange dust)

What do you pack for lunch on the go?

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