Monday, January 10, 2011

Hulu: Lazy TV

I realized yesterday that I'm even lazy in my TV watching.

I "subscribe" to all the shows I'm interested in (except for the ones on CBS- they haven't jumped on the Hulu bandwagon yet) and when a new episode aires, the shows show up on my queue.

No clicking through TV stations looking for something to watch.  No trying to remember when my shows are on.  Its similar to TiVo'ing anything you're interested in then only watching what's TiVo'ed... I think... I've never actually done TiVo, considering I don't own a TV...

Oh- and Hulu is free.

I'm so lazy I even making TV watching lazy.  I amaze even myself sometimes ;)

Although even more amazing on the lazy scale is my baby brother...who introduced me to Hulu.... What a swell guy.  And yes, he reminded me about that.  The part about Hulu, not the part about being a swell guy... though he reminds me about that pretty often too... though in different words.

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