Monday, January 3, 2011

My goals: 2010

2011 Goals:
Strengthen my relationships with my God, my husband and my children.
Help the kids to be as happy and healthy as possible.
Develop them spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially and academically.
Enjoy them in my little time left (that sounded morbid- I meant before they go off to school while they're still home with me everyday)

(notice:  nothing about cooking or cleaning ;)

On another note, I want to work on strengthening my knee (I had ACL replacement surgery in November) so that I'll be able to play soccer again this spring.   Does this sound not particularly lazy?  Well, it still is.  Soccer is playing, not "exercising" in my way of thinking.  Its tricking myself into running a few days a week.  If I just need to go run-- blah.  If I'm playing, or getting in shape to play, that to me is totally different.

The pictures are things the kids and I are currently working on to help with
the second set of goals.

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